Frequently asked questions

Q. What does frost-resistant mean?
Where pots have inadequate drainage, an excess of moisture builds up in the pot and when combined with a spell of hard frost, causes the water to expand and leads to pot damage.

Q. What should I do during the colder months?
Where possible, move any planted up pots indoors or into a sheltered position. Ensure that pot feet are used to improve drainage and prevent pots freezing to floor surfaces.

Q. How many pot feet should I use?
Apta recommend using three feet on round pots and 4 pot feet on square pots for balance.

Q. Can I use Apta planters for indoor use?
Yes! Use a combination of pot feet and indoor saucers to help form a reservoir, and help prevent the possibility of moisture causing condensation or marks on carpet or other floor surfaces.

Q.What are the advantages of planting in containers?

  • Plant display is improved. Flowers, trees and shrubs are given extra dimension and interest, which can be tailored to your individual style.
  • Plants can be easily re-positioned within the garden, and taken with you when you move.
  • Containers are less susceptible to pest damage.
  • Excellent for improving bare or dull areas around the home or garden.
  • You do not need a garden. Display containers on window sills, balconies, near the front door and on paved areas.
  • Tender plants can be grown outdoors, and brought into a conservatory or a greenhouse during winter.
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