Outdoor pot trends for 2018

Over the last few years, according to leading pot supplier Apta, there has been a significant trend towards lightweight planters.


With home ownership among the under 40’s at an all time low and favouring renting instead, coupled with the increase of micro sized or non-existent gardens, consumers are frequently turning to container gardening on their patios, gravel courtyards or balconies.


Another key trend is the materials used to make the pots, such as the expansion of frost-resistant lightweight cements. According to Apta’s Managing Director, Paul Sykes, this allows far more flexibility in shapes and finishes of the pots, from ultra sleek and contemporary to rustic and heritage. According to Sykes this trend is driving the whole planter category, “in 2017 lightweight products accounted for 23% of total sales, and already this year we have seen further growth of 38% in this category”.


Popular styles launched for 2018 include Granito, Stream, Dubai, Victorian, Slate effect, and Alpine planters.


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