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Apta relocates to AMES Companies headquarters in Pollington

We’ve moved home! Apta relocated to the AMES Companies headquarters in Pollington, East Yorkshire, in late 2023. As part of the move, AMES has invested over £3million into our new 27,000sq ft warehouse facility – futureproofing Apta’s 35-year heritage for many years to come. The relocation ensures more stock on the ground, enhanced delivery capability, and more flexibility for retailers than ever before.  

Apta has relocated, giving 67% more room for stock
Apta has 67% more stock on the ground

Retailer benefits  

The relocation has enabled us to hold 67% more stock and 47% more pallets on-site – meaning more stock on the ground and ready to go to customers.  

And your next order can be in your store within five days – even during peak season – thanks to our strong logistics programme.  

Retailers will also benefit from linked sales solutions and multiple pallet deals; pick and mix units, order half pallets and more, all in our promise to offer greater flexibility to our customers. 

Apta has relocated, giving 67% more room for stock

Looking to take advantage of these benefits? Contact your usual Sales Manager to place your next order. Not an Apta customer? No problem! Contact us today.  

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