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Ready to ship: 3 glazed pots summer staples

Glazed pots are always a great choice for any garden: they’re hardy plant pots that offer a range of versatile sizing, which means they can be built into a collection over time. Stock up on star SKUs this season with three well-loved glazed favourites: Walworth Cone, Glazed Peacock and Glazed Malay. 

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Walworth Cone 

Shoppers looking for a modern and stylish plant pot will love Walworth Cone. Available in four contemporary colours and four sizes, this plant pot adds a hint of colour and suits a range of garden styles. 

Glazed Peacock 

With beautiful hues of deep blue and green, Glazed Peacock adds a beautiful intrigue to any garden. Shoppers are spoilt for choice with a choice between blue or green, plus a wide range of styles and sizes.  

Glazed Malay 

Add a soft accent to the garden with Glazed Malay. This beautiful glossy planter is available in four serene colours that complement a range of greenery wonderfully – four sizes give shoppers versatility when it comes to planting.  

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