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In stores now – Versatile merchandising with the Planting Bench 

Apta’s newest point-of-sale solution has landed in garden centres across the country and it’s proving to be a winner! With space for pots, plants, sands and grits the bench is the ideal solution to mixing offers and upselling across categories. 


As it lands in garden centres nationwide, the Planting Bench is becoming the versatile bench of choice ideal for Apta product: that’s any size, any range, any shape. The planting bench is a great way to showcase existing Apta stock, run flash sales, showcase trends and offer seasonal products. 

The team at Bow Garden Centre have taken advantage of their planting bench by displaying a mixture of sizes and colours. They’ve used multiple sizes and both colours of the wonderful Linnea Egg Pot to create a fantastic display. New for 2024, Linnea is a calm and classic glazed product that has a real premium feel.  


The displays on the planting bench show shoppers how to use horticultural sand or grit to the benefit of their new plant. By adding a combination of plants, pots and horticultural materials to your bench, you’re helping shoppers bring home a healthy and happy plant for their garden. 

Use your planting bench to show shoppers what plants work best – as seen in Yorkshire Garden Centres. They’ve displayed the Palm Glazed Cylinder and Palm Egg Pot in green and grey: a premium range with a textured leaf pattern, Palm adds a modern touch to any garden.  

Increased sales 

Not only is your planting bench going to help customers give their plants the best start, but it’s also increasing the total bill at your tills. Shoppers will love the ease of a full garden look that’s ready to go – they simply add your curated items to their trolley and proceed to the till. It’s a win win!  

Encourage impulse purchases using showstopping plant and pot combos, as seen here in Yorkshire Garden Centres. They’ve combined their plant choice with the Olympia Planter. Available in two colours and four sizes, this lightweight composite pot adds character to the garden.  

Contact your usual Sales Manager to order your planting bench today.   

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