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Timeless and trending: Terracotta in 2024

Terracotta is gaining traction this summer as the ideal texture for warm and welcoming gardens. Classic, affordable, and suddenly the must-have bridge between modern and rustic aesthetics – no wonder shoppers love terracotta pots. Suitable for a wide variety of plants, terracotta material ages beautifully for years to come. Help your customers bring the Mediterranean trend to their gardens this season with three stylish pots: Terracotta Lattice, Aegean Amphora Jar, and Terracotta Rose Bowl.  

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Terracotta Lattice 

With it’s a charming cross design and cone shape, Terracotta Lattice adds a classic touch to any garden. Available in four sizes, Terracotta Lattice can be used to introduce a range of luscious greenery to an outdoor space.   

Aegean Amphora Jar 

Enjoy the natural beauty of the garden with Aegean Amphora Jar. This Grecian-inspired pot will house a range of flowers and plants beautifully, while the handles add a helpful functionality to the pot.   

Terracotta Rose Bowl  

This classic bowl-shaped planter looks great on patios, decking or gravel and makes a wonderful home to a wide variety of plants. Terracotta Rose Bowl is available in four versatile sizes and can be paired with different terracotta shapes and styles thanks to its simplistic design.   

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