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Why are lightweight plant pots so popular?

As gardening has enjoyed a boom in the last few years, so has the demand for beautiful pots at a great price – and we’ve already seen retailers rush to our new lightweight options.

So what is it that customers love about lightweight plant pots?

Our research shows that design, finish and colour are hugely important – but so is size, price and special features. The Apta Lightweight range combines the best of customer decision drivers to make choosing their perfect plant pot easy.

Lightweight pots are versatile

Apta Lightweight pots are moulded with an innovative mix of recyclable materials which makes them much lighter and easier to move around than traditional pots.

Thanks to their realistic concrete-like designs, this range of pots look as good indoors as they do out, making them a versatile choice especially for people who like to switch things up between seasons by bringing pots in from outside.

Realistic design makes lightweight pots beautiful

With designs based on natural materials, lightweight pots look as beautiful as the ‘real’ thing. Considered design and careful construction in the Apta Lightweight range means gardeners can enjoy pots that look just like glazed, ceramic, concrete and iron pots with all the benefits of plastic.

Lightweight pots stand up to the cold

Although Apta Lightweight pots are ideal for moving inside during the colder months, they stand up to the cold – so patio pots and container gardens can stay put. Harsh weather conditions can be tough on plastic and terracotta, which can crack in the cold.

Apta Lightweight pots in the Weben and Beton ranges are frost resistant – which is also good for plants during a cold snap.

Lightweight pots are UV resistant

Plastic and painted pots and planters can often wear out after just a couple of seasons or the intense sunlight of the summer, but Apta Lightweight pots are UV resistant – meaning they’ll hold their colour and quality, looking great for much longer.

Cost effectiveness with lightweight pots

When gardeners are choosing their new pot, the way it looks is important to them – but the cost of creating a container garden with expensive planters can be a barrier.

Clever designs like our Beton tall planter and Weben bowl combine the appeal of concrete pots with lightweight durability at an affordable price point – meaning customers can get the look they love, in a larger size, and purchase more often for less.

Apta Lightweight ranges also come with a 10 year guarantee, so pot shoppers can be sure they’re getting value for money as well as high quality and a beautiful finish.

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