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Best Pots for Summer Plants

Begonias, fuchsias or French marigolds, summer is the season for pretty pots!

Summer plants make colourful container displays that last throughout the summer and add character to outdoor spaces. Creating a beautiful, heat-tolerant container garden starts with the right pot, so when gardeners head out to find summer plants, be ready to advise on the most suitable plant pots for hot weather.

Displaying pots and planters close to colourful plants helps educate and inspire shoppers – here are our top picks for summer garden centre displays.

Plastic pots for summer plants

Plastic pots are a great choice for summer containers. Beautiful, lightweight, and accommodating for almost any kind of plant – climbers, perennials, flowers, veggies, and even fruits.

Since plastic is not as permeable as other materials such as clay, water has more difficulty escaping from the soil in a plastic pot. This means that soil in plastic pots retains moisture and does not need to be watered as frequently – great for the hotter months! Check out the Plant Avenue range of plastic pots made from recycled materials.

Glazed pots for summer plants

Ceramic pots are porous, helping with airflow and water absorption to stimulate root growth – helpinh plants to bloom in the summer. Glazed ceramic pots have the added benefit of being highly durable and are available in a wide array of colours and designs. Almost any plant will do well in a glazed ceramic pot.

From Apta, all outdoor ceramic pots have drainage holes so they’re ready to pick up with a new plant and place in the garden. These high-quality pots also come with a 10-year guarantee against damage! Browse the collection.

Terracotta pots for summer plants

It’s hard to beat terracotta for garden pots, especially in the summer. With a firing temperature over 1000°C, terracotta is both tough and porous, allowing air and moisture to reach the roots, which also prevents soil disease.

Terracotta plant pots are a classic choice among gardeners because of their warm colour and rustic style. With upcycled and longlasting materials gaining traction in the gardening world, we saw a resurgence of terracotta at the Chelsea Flower Show 2023 (read our get the look blog here!).

The muted tones of terracotta are hard to resist next to summer’s most popular plants.

View the full Terracotta range.

Top tips for garden centre teams

Pots that are bigger are usually better – especially if customers are looking to replace a pot their plant has outgrown.

Container plants are more susceptible to drying up and overheating in the summer because they’re more exposed to the elements. Choosing a big pot keeps the soil moist for longer, so gardeners don’t have to water as often or worry about their garden when they head off on holiday.

Apta offers containers in a selection of sizes. Take a look in the online catalogue to see what pots and sizes are available.

Stock up today and get your pots in store and merchandised in time for the start of summer. Contact a sales rep directly to place an order.

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