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Love Your Weekend ‘grows up’ with Apta pots

Did you spot Apta pots on Love Your Weekend, Sunday 19 November?

Our favourite horticulturalist David Domoney chose a selection of Apta glazed wall pots as part of his ‘wonderwall’ – alongside presenter Alan Titchmarsh.

Creating a vertical garden with Apta pots

The team used our glazed jar wall pots in blue, green and red to demonstrate the benefits of vertical planting: a creative way to enjoy container gardening when space is at a premium and inject colour and life into even the smallest urban backyards.

Vertical planting helps gardeners cover a small area with lush greenery, save on floor space and avoid infestation from pests like slugs and caterpillars.

Get the look

Vertical gardening isn’t just for urban dwellers. David and Alan suggest vertical planting as a great way to use redundant space on garage walls and the sides of sheds.

Gardeners inspired to achieve the same look will be looking out for our Glazed Jar Wall Pots available in red, blue and green, and the Glazed Wall Pots in the same colourways.

Our hosts show off the blue glazed jar in particular – marvelling at its ‘pot cut in half’ effect and its nod to Mediterranean style gardening, which is set to be big for 2024.

Browse wall pots and place your order with your usual sales manager today – don’t forget the Apta merchandising service is available with all Apta orders to keep your displays inspirational.

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Special thanks to Love Your Weekend for featuring Apta pots – you can watch the whole episode here.