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Plant and pots: how Apta offers cross-category merchandising 

Here at Apta, we know that consumers are looking for extra accessories when they purchase plants. That’s why we’re excited to launch a brand new planting bench merchandising display with includes multiple product zones, designed to increase spend, maximise display space and easily change up offers.  

Want to enjoy easy upselling opportunities using merchandising stands in your store? Contact your usual sales manager for more information. 

Increase basket spend 

Consumers are looking for support when they buy plants; how-to advice and inspirational visuals help to create a new generation of gardeners, whilst ensuring plants thrive with correct care. By offering three complementary products in one location, your customers can select their desired plant and pot, as well as horticultural sands or grit. This helps instil confidence in each purchase and increases the total at the till.  

Maximise retail footprint 

Your new planting bench can stock any range in the Apta collection, in a multitude of sizes, styles and colourways. With added plants and horticultural sands and grits from Kelkay, the display adds significant value for retailers. From one stand, consumers can shop across three product categories; something so few other merchandisers can boast. And at just 4m2, the planting bench is small but mighty! 

The new Apta planting bench, combining three product categories on one display: plant and pots, horticultural grit and sand.
Your new Apta planting bench combines a plant and pots, as well as horticultural grit or sand. .

Showcase seasonal planting  

You know what your customers are looking for, and with the Apta planting bench, you have the flexibility to coordinate the plant and pots however you like. Whether you want to push trend-led displays, showcase seasonal favourites, or encourage impulse sales of hard-to-sell or unusual plants, anything is possible.  

Did you know? The Apta merchandising service is available with all Apta orders to keep your planting bench inspirational. Contact your usual sales manager and let us set everything up for you.   

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