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Apta in Action: Planters Tamworth

The Apta merchandising service is available to all retailers. Discover how the team recently created a bespoke pot display at Planters in Tamworth to inspire customers and maximise sales – and what they can do for your retail space.


Planters Garden Centre in Tamworth is a large garden centre with a range of departments including outdoor section with plants and pots.

The Apta merchandising team go there regularly to make deliveries and merchandise stock, and have cultivated a great working relationship with the manager, Ann.

For this project, the Planters team had identified a space that needed a refresh, and the team were happy to help.

Apta merchandisers work closely with retailers to create a bespoke shoppable space that works for them. At Planters, the challenge was to create a joined up, inspiring space.


The team led by Carl took stock of the existing space by assessing the layout and stock left on individual displays.

Carl, Liam and Dan worked with Ann to map a new layout, agreeing they should link the bedding and shrub areas with a new walkway.

The walkway space also cleverly accounted for a central area for a new Apta Lightweight display and 4 new Apta planting benches arriving on the team’s next visit.

Stock Move in Action

The team agreed the plan and moved half of the existing display to create the new walkway, ultimately rotating and relocating 30 benches with stock.

With existing stock to move and new stock to place, the team created striking displays showing off every shape, size and colourway.

To finish, the Planters team used a range of aggregates, paving, potted plants and furniture to create inspiring lifestyle scenes at the end of each row.


Ann, the manager at Planters Tamworth, was pleased with the outcome.

She said: “Big thanks to Carl, Liam and Dan from AMES for my autumn move on pots.

“The space is looking good and ready for the new spring benches too. We love to get ahead.”

With every Apta order, the merchandising team deliver, unload and merchandise the stock within 5 working days – including point of sale units where possible.

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