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Be Bank Holiday ready with Apta 

Himalaya Traditional Planter | Apta

Are you ready for the upcoming long weekend? Here are three merchandising tips – and suggestions on plant pots you could use – to help you make the most of increased footfall over the Bank Holiday.  

Need help replenishing your stock after the Bank Holiday rush? Contact your usual Sales Manager to place your order and discuss how our Merchandising team can help. New to Apta? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  

Encourage upselling 

Share your expertise instore – and enjoy increased sales – by adding pot feet, saucers, horticultural sand and grit with suitable plant pots.  

The J. Chamberlain & Co collection comes with matching accessories, creating a sleek finish to the traditional range. 

Plants next to pots 

Make it easier than ever for shoppers to make a perfect pair by stocking plants next to your pots range. Daffodils, Hyacinth, and Marigolds are beautiful, easy plants that make a big impact in pots.   

Apta Lightweight Weben Bowl is an ideal product for these types of flowers – help shoppers make the perfect display for their garden and place bowls next to your Spring flowers. 

Bank Holiday special 

We know shoppers love a bargain – encourage spontaneous spending with a four-day-only special offer. Better yet, you can use this as an opportunity to clear surplus stock.  

Available in a range of styles and sizes, the Himalaya range makes a perfect bank holiday product that will attract the attention of all shoppers – terracotta is versatile and fits perfectly in any garden.  

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