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Irondale: a cross-category hero design 

Create a styling through-line for garden lovers with designs that appear across categories. Highland Liliums Garden Centre in Beauly have created a beautiful display to show keen gardeners how they can combine Apta plant pots with Easy Fountain water features to create a stunning and serene look at home. Find out more about the products on display: Irondale Bowl, Irondale Square, and Irondale Pours by Easy Fountain.  

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Irondale Bowl and Square  

Brings home decor outside with Irondale Bowl and Irondale Square. With luxurious copper and metallic finishes and stylish shapes available, Irondale adds a classy touch outside – to the delight of shoppers looking for the latest garden trends. 

Irondale Pours 

Our friends at Easy Fountain have created Irondale Pours, a self-contained water fountain made with 100% recycled plastic. Irondale Pours has been designed to complement the Irondale range by Apta perfectly – with a rustic metallic finish, this low maintenance product adds a touch of colour to any garden. 

Merchandising service support 

Did you know that the Apta merchandising service is available with all Apta orders to keep your retail displays inspirational? We do the hard work for you. Contact your usual sales manager and let us set everything up for you.   

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